Megu the Little Witch: Episode 14


Time for a release for Halloween which may or may not be a future project for Luurah Productions.  For now, I’m releasing this current one-off project of Majokko Megu-Chan, translated as “Megu the Little Witch”.



For those who don’t know about this anime’s story, it’s all about the titular main character, Megu Kanzaki, a young witch from what’s known as “The World of Witches”.  She is sent to Earth to learn feelings that are alien to her in The World of Witches such as family, love, and compassion.  These lessons are necessary for potential candidates for being crowned “Queen of Witch World”.


As for this story in question, Megu is camping with her father and her friends, Roko, Emi & Non.  On this camping trip, Megu hears the story of a beautiful woman playing a harp in a faraway castle and wants to learn what’s at the bottom of this mystery.


Now as I’m sure you’re wondering, “Does this mean you’re gonna sub this series, too?”  Well, I’d like to, but the problem is that this series is 72 episodes long.  Fansubbing a series this long is very daunting.  I’ll need several translators who are willing to assist in this series.  I don’t see this happening, but stranger things have happened.

Oh, I almost forgot, this episode has been edited so that it sounds similar to the classic 1960’s sitcom, Bewitched.  To me, this series is Bewitched in anime form, so I thought it would be fitting to be edited that way.

Also, this series was translated into several languages.  It’s available in Itialian, French, Portuguese, and Polish.  The Italian dub is heavily edited and nine episodes were omitted when this was translated in Italian.  The French, Portuguese and Polish versions of this series were based on the Italian dub.  Also, this series was also translated in Spanish under the name, “Maggie la Brujita” or “Maggie the Little Witch”.  To my knowledge, only 15 episodes were dubbed in Spanish, and I was only able to find half of those online.  This episodes used the Spanish dub as a base with the help of TenkenX6 as translation checker.

Anyway, if there are any translators who want to help out with this series, please contact me.  It could happen but only if I can find people who wants to spread this series to the English-speaking masses.

Japanese-to-English Translation Checking:  TenkenX6
Editing, Timing, Typesetting, Spanish-to-English Translation:  Luurah
Encoding:  Public WMV RAWs

Megu the Little Witch:  Visions of a Harp

MD5: fe200b04e9f41802f122fdf25ba6964c

Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episode 19



Originally, I had planned to release this episode with the next two, but things have changed.  Onibaba, my spot TL-checker had to pull out because of real-life commitments, so I’m in need of someone fluent in both English and Japanese to go over the last seven episodes of Daikengo.  At least, she managed to finish Episode 19 prior to her departure.  On behalf of everyone at Luurah Productions, we thank Onibaba for her selfless assistance in this series.

Now for the episode in question…

In Episode 19, titled “The Straying Stars of the Galaxy”, Prince Ryger and his entourage bumps into a family of deserters from Planet Magellan who has had it with all the wars and wants to go somewhere safe.  I don’t know if that’ll work out well for them, but let’s hope for the best.

Episode 19:  The Straying Stars of the Galaxy

Updated Batch torrent can be found “here“.

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: 26 *FINAL*


At last, we’ve made it to the final episode. It’s been a long journey, but the final episode of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon has been released!

The fight against Dai Apolon and Great Leader Dazaan comes to and end, and Queen Apolon’s wish is granted in the process. Finally, Great Leader Dazaan shows what it’s like to “die in a fire”.

And with this, the modeled tome of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon comes to a close.

Episode 26: A Mother’s Tears Causes Peace in the Universe

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MD5: 79fe17786cbacef115100c2b536f0c58

To those who wonder how these came about, here’s the unabridged story. Beware, this is TL;DR.

Back in January 2012, about three weeks before the “Megapocolypse“, I had announced three new projects: Dai Apolon, Ga-Keen, and Mach GoGoGo. While Mach GoGoGo was the first of these three to show progress, it wasn’t until a year later when Dai Apolon releases would finally come about. Originally, I was going to use a set of twelve videos that were circulating at the time. It wasn’t until before the “Megapocolypse” when a full set of Dai Apolon videos were unearthed.

It was around January 2013 when I started releasing episodes. Also, I had received videos from Nanto of Dai Apolon that were subbed years ago on an old TV station… KIKU-TV, I believe. Fortunately, he had most of the episodes, of which I lifted the subs and would later have episodes TL-Checked by jigen and sky79. (After the first episode, jigen would disappear. I never heard from him again after that.) Nanto didn’t have a full set of videos, so episodes of Dai Apolon that did not have a KIKU-TV video handy, I used the Spanish dub as a base, translated by myself and with help from BendecidaOty.  (Episodes 4, 15, 16, 23, 24, 25 and 26)

It wasn’t until I teamed up with zegond from Saizen Fansubs, who volunteered to typeset all episodes released and up until the final episode. This started around three years ago. While the project went slow at that point, the quality shot up exponentially. Even I learned a few more tricks, thanks to the kind and generous people at Saizen Fansubs.

And now, with the final episode released, I can focus on my other projects and, possibly, pick up other series to work on in the future. I have my eye on a couple, but I’m not announcing anything until everything is good to go.

I want to thank Nanto, jigen, sky79, Ookalf, zegond and BendecidaOty for helping with this project’s completion. This wouldn’t have been possible without any of your help.

Now, I’m sure there are people wondering about the second season of Dai Apolon. (Yes, there is a second season.) Well, before I can even think of picking that up, I have to find available RAWs. As of now, there’s no set of videos available anywhere on the internet. Granted, there is a Japanese Blu-ray box set available in Japan, but that changes nothing. If I decide pick up the second season, I’ll announce it. Until then, consider my official response on this subject as “Not in the foreseeable future”.

Furthermore, I will be releasing a batch torrent with any necessary fixing to the video files as well as making filenames consistent. Over the years, the file names were inconsistent. This will be fixed, along with any errors in the files themselves, when the batch torrent is ready. While I can’t stop anyone from doing so, I kindly ask to not post any unofficial batch torrents to public or private sites. When the batch is ready, I’ll release it myself.

Luurah: Editing, Timing, Spanish to English translation
BendecidaOty: spot checking on Spanish to English translation
Nanto:  providing KIKU-TV sub material
sky79: translation checking (Ep2 – 26)
jigen: translation checking (Ep1 only)
zegond: typesetting
Ookalf: Quality Checking

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: 25


It’s finally happening!  Episode 25 of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon is officially out!

After the events from the previous episode, Takeshi decides it’s time to go to Planet Dazaan to rescue his mother!  Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan.  Also, Takeshi gains an unexpected ally in his mission.  Download and watch to see for yourself.

Episode 25:  Mom, I’m on My Way! Rushing to Planet Dazaan
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MD5: a3301569a0eb62e8c41eb90ae54672cf

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: 24


Episode 24 of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon is out, and the Dazaan Army brings out the big guns!  What could they be doing that would anger Takeshi so much this time?  You’ll have to download and find out, but I will say this.  Portions of this episode were used in “Shadow World”.

Episode 24:  The Mother’s Phantom was Inside the Steel Beast
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MD5: b1d8b2f8c67b5c9c13b14b3cbfa798d1


UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: 22


Marshal Joketsu says, “I’m the newest character to be added to UFO Senshi Dai Apolon.”

Marshal Joketsu says, “Download episode 22 of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon and watch it now.”

Marshal Joketsu says, “Get on your knees and bark like a dog.”

“Now, give Marshal Joketsu a kiss.”

“Oh, no, no, no… I didn’t say ‘Marshal Joketsu says’.”

Now, she has to hurt you.

Episode 22:  Rescue Mako! Break Through the Enemy Lines!!
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MD5: de1461fcbfd59988d11df6368ebdf19b

Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episodes 16 – 18

Don’t worry.  The subninjas didn’t get to me this time.  I was taking a break due to “lack of motivation”.  I’m still around.  To prove it, I’m releasing episodes 16, 17 & 18 of Uchuu Majin Daikengo!

Both the Italian and Spanish dubs were used as a base for these episodes.  Episodes 16 & 17 used the Spanish dub, translated by myself and BendesidaOty.  Episode 18 used the Italian dub as a base, translated by Griffon.  (Thanks again, Griffon!)


On Episode 16, titled “The Planet of Migratory Birds”, every planet is looking forward to the arrival of a flock of robotic migratory birds that flies from planet to planet, a symbol of everlasting friendship and peace.  As for the Magellans, Lady Baracross has some vile plans for the birds… like turning them into missiles that bring armageddon to any planet they come across!  As for Prince Ryger and company, they visit Planet Arabida where they meet up with their minister of defense, Laurenz, and Arabida’s sickly princess, Carina.  (Hmm… “Laurenz of Arabida“… where have I heard that before…?)


On Episode 17, titled “Friendship on the Third Planet”, we return to Earth where Sabu dreams of meeting Ryger again.  However, Earth takes a turn for the worst when General Roboleon feigns a peaceful cooperation with Earth.  Of course, Sabu knows what intentions Roboleon truly has, so it’s up to him to call Prince Ryger back to Earth and convince Earth’s dignitaries to not side with the wolf in sheep’s clothing.


As for Episode 18, titled “The Mysterious Ghost Planet”, the focus is now on Planet Atlan, a haunted planet that is rumored to be a “space graveyard”.  Grand Emperor Magellan wants to know of any secrets the planet might have, and Lady Baracross sends a reluctant Roboleon to do her dirty work.  As for Prince Ryger, he has to rescue a spaceship that drifted too close to Planet Atlan.  Too bad he has to do it alone as Cleo doesn’t feel so well.  Perhaps her Aunt Flo came for a visit…

Now, I’ll discuss the voice actors of Anike and Otoke:  Toku Nishio & You Inoue respectively.

Toku Nishio provided the voices for Daimaru in the “Robot Carnival OAV”, Musashi Tomoe in “Getter Robo”, and Mr. Popo from the Dragon Ball series.  Sadly, Toku Nishio passed away on July 19, 2005.

As for the legendary You Inoue, she had many famous voice roles in her career.  Some of her most famous roles include Sheryl Formossa in “Space Runway Ideon”, Reika Sanjou in “Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3” and Manabu in “Daltanious: Robot of the Future”.  One her last roles was of Ryou Bakura in the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh.  Sadly, she developed lung cancer in 2001 and later passed away on Feburary 2, 2003.  Her role of Ryou Bakura was later taken over by Rika Matsumoto after Inoue’s death.

Uchuu Majin Daikengo:  Episodes 16 – 18

Updated Batch torrent can be found “here“.

State of Luurah Productions Post-Nyaapocolypse

I’m sure everyone has been mourning the loss of NyaaTorrents.  (Heck, I still am, but I can understand the site owner’s reasons.)  This, however, left a gaping void that’s virtually impossible to fill.  Also, I had that notice that SolidFiles was going to shut down by the end of May.  Well, I can tell you this much… SolidFiles is -NOT- shutting down.  It’s still running as of now.  But you know what… fuck that!  I moved all my files to Userscloud, and I am not changing that.  If you go to the Direct Download page, all links now point to Userscloud, so that issue is resolved.

The torrent issue is a bit trickier.  I did set up an account on AniDex and uploaded my torrents there… though I had to batch everything up so that I didn’t have to upload over a hundred torrent files at once.  As a result, some file names were corrected in the process.  This was especially noticeable when compiling the Dai Apolon 01-21 batch.  I really messed up the file names on that set over the years.  Oops!

Also, there’s… which is pretty much what used to be.  I’ve also set up an account there, so I can upload torrents to that site as well.  Besides, Saizen Fansubs, the group whom I’ve been working with on Magnerobo Ga-Keen, decided to upload their torrents there from now on.  Any future Ga-Keen releases will be uploaded to  Everything else will be uploaded to both AniDex and

We’re heading toward a world where NyaaTorrents is now a memory.  To those involved into the original NyaaTorrents, thank you for your selfless actions to anime fandom for so many years.