Megu the Little Witch: Episode 14


Time for a release for Halloween which may or may not be a future project for Luurah Productions.  For now, I’m releasing this current one-off project of Majokko Megu-Chan, translated as “Megu the Little Witch”.



For those who don’t know about this anime’s story, it’s all about the titular main character, Megu Kanzaki, a young witch from what’s known as “The World of Witches”.  She is sent to Earth to learn feelings that are alien to her in The World of Witches such as family, love, and compassion.  These lessons are necessary for potential candidates for being crowned “Queen of Witch World”.


As for this story in question, Megu is camping with her father and her friends, Roko, Emi & Non.  On this camping trip, Megu hears the story of a beautiful woman playing a harp in a faraway castle and wants to learn what’s at the bottom of this mystery.


Now as I’m sure you’re wondering, “Does this mean you’re gonna sub this series, too?”  Well, I’d like to, but the problem is that this series is 72 episodes long.  Fansubbing a series this long is very daunting.  I’ll need several translators who are willing to assist in this series.  I don’t see this happening, but stranger things have happened.

Oh, I almost forgot, this episode has been edited so that it sounds similar to the classic 1960’s sitcom, Bewitched.  To me, this series is Bewitched in anime form, so I thought it would be fitting to be edited that way.

Also, this series was translated into several languages.  It’s available in Itialian, French, Portuguese, and Polish.  The Italian dub is heavily edited and nine episodes were omitted when this was translated in Italian.  The French, Portuguese and Polish versions of this series were based on the Italian dub.  Also, this series was also translated in Spanish under the name, “Maggie la Brujita” or “Maggie the Little Witch”.  To my knowledge, only 15 episodes were dubbed in Spanish, and I was only able to find half of those online.  This episodes used the Spanish dub as a base with the help of TenkenX6 as translation checker.

Anyway, if there are any translators who want to help out with this series, please contact me.  It could happen but only if I can find people who wants to spread this series to the English-speaking masses.

Japanese-to-English Translation Checking:  TenkenX6
Editing, Timing, Typesetting, Spanish-to-English Translation:  Luurah
Encoding:  Public WMV RAWs

Megu the Little Witch:  Visions of a Harp

MD5: fe200b04e9f41802f122fdf25ba6964c

Magnerobo Ga-Keen: Episode 10


The subninjas and synthetic beasts have been working together to stop this project from continuing, and they were successful for some time.  However, we’ve asked Kaoru to fight them all off for us.  Be wary of her.  She can be vicious.

Extra special thanks to the kind people at Saizen Fansubs for helping me out!

Magnerobo Ga-Keen:  Episode 10

MD5: 82bf04202311e8dd878625cd291d1b6f

Cho-Gattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser: Episode 10


Salome:  Oh Great Crystal Ball, will we see more recycled Ginguiser footage in this episode?

*Crystal ball turns black*

Salome:  This show really needs to stop cutting corners.

Episode 10:  The Curse of the Transforming Revived Beast

md5: 629095c06937cc006bf97309f68d40b1

Magnerobo Ga-Keen: Episode 09


“Would you like some candy, little girl? There’s a puppy in the van, too.”


Many thanks to Saizen Fansubs for assisting in this release.

Speaking of puppies…

2018-07-23 18.31.27

This release is dedicated to my dog, Niña, who passed away after fighting brain cancer for over a year.  She was 14 years old.  Rest in peace, my beautiful baby girl.

Episode 09: Sibling Love Burns with a Red Flame

MD5: MD5: a7cd3751c9e9c55059be48e6d493a3b4



Psycho Armor Govarian… licensed?! (and more!)



Technically, this is a Saizen Fansubs project, but since I’m volunteering as editor for this project, I’m posting about this here, too.

I thought I was floored when Mach GoGoGo was licensed by Funimation almost three years ago.  It has happened yet again!  Discotek Media has announced the licensing of Go Nagai’s Psycho Armor Govarian.  You know what this means, folks!  Fansubs of Govarian will have to come to end.  Go support the show once it’s finally out to the masses!

I want to thank everyone at Saizen Fansubs for allowing me the opportunity to volunteer my editing services to this series.  It’s a shame that the project will not continue to the final episode, but this works just as well, if not better.

This isn’t the only series Discotek Media has announced it has licensed, however…

They’ve also licensed the Space Warrior Baldios TV Series (They licensed the movie in the past) and Voltes V.  These three are series I didn’t think for a second would see the light of day as licensed.  Go support Govarian, Baldios and Voltes V once they’re released to the unwashed masses!

Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episodes 01-26 *Completed v3 Batch*

After the release of the v2 batch, an unexpected error had occurred in the videos.  I received multiple reports of the videos not functioning in VLC Player.  After downloading the player and testing it out for myself, the reports had been confirmed.  Therefore, I had to make brand new encodes of the Daikengo videos using a different and more compatible codec   Fortunately, the new encodes worked in VLC Player when muxxed into an MKV container format.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only fix that was made.  Along the way, I had to make the scripts’ timing to fit with the new encodes.  That meant going over EVERY SINGLE LINE in all twenty-six videos and making tweaks to the script along the way.  Hopefully, this will be the last time any fixes will need to be made for my Daikengo subs.

New batch torrents have been updated to, AniDex, and BakaBT.  Download them from those sites.  Direct Downloads are also available.

[BakaBT]Sorry, that set is private now.  You’ll have to go here for the videos.

Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episodes 01-26 *Completed v2 Batch*


Uchuu Majin Daikengo:  Episodes 1-26 v2 Batch

After going over all twenty-six episodes one last time, the batch torrent for Uchuu Majin Daikengo has been completed!  It’s been a labor of love for me for the past four and a half years, but this project finally comes to an end.

Thank you to the following people who have helped with this project from its humble beginnings to where we are now:  Ondragon, Blin51de, Onibaba, Kiseki 83, lostmax, Griffon, BendesidaOty, and serenade_beta.  This project would never have gotten off the ground without your help.  For that, I’ll always be grateful.  ¡Muchisimas Gracias!

Uchuu Majin Daikengo:  Episode 01-26 Batch
BakaBT:  That site’s private now, so you’ll have to go here first for the batch.

And once again who did what…

Luurah: Timing, Editing, Typesetting, Encoding, Spanish-to-English Translation (Episodes 3-7, 9-17, 19-22)
BendesidaOty: Spot-TL-Check on Spanish-to-English (Episodes 3-7, 9-17, 19-22)
OniDragon: “Translation Assistance” (Episodes 01-12)
Blind5ide: Song-TL, TL-Check (01-06)
lostmax: Italian-to-English Translation (Episode 1)
Griffon: Italian-to-English Translation (Episodes 8, 18, 23-26)
Kiseki 83: Japanese-to-English TL-Checking (Episodes 07-26)
Onibaba: Spot-TL-Checking (Episodes 07, 09-19)
serenade_beta: Spot-TL-Checking (Episodes 20 – 26)