8 thoughts on “Projects

    • There’s nothing really stopping anyone from making any requests or suggestions. However, if you want to see anything translated, a willing translator will need to be procured first. (If the title you’re suggesting could be in another language instead of Japanese or English, a translation checker… assuming the foreign dubs aren’t too heavily edited from the original.)


  1. Kex Carter says:

    The anime I had in mind was Sei Juushi Bismark, a late 80’s mecha. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? There’s a more well-known Western adaptation of it called Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. If there’s interest, I can provide you with high-quality raws.


    • I apologize for taking so long to respond. As for trying to sub Sei Juushi Bismark, the thought had crossed my mind. However, the chances of me trying to sub is rather low. These are the reasons why.

      1. Bismark is licensed by World Events Productions as “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs” as you already know. Though I do know that the series was heavily censored and edited (not to mention WEP made six eps of their own for Saber Rider), it might not be outside the realm of possibility that it could receive official uncensored subs like how Go-Lion and Dairugger received uncensored subtitled DVDs.
      2. Bismark is owned by Studio Perrot. That means, it has the possibility of being subbed by Anime Sols in the future. It might happen, or it might not. Maybe, whenever Anime Sols releases another survey about what titles to release from each company contributing to Anime Sols, you could add Bismark as a possibility.
      3. Bismark is 52 episodes long. That many episodes would take months to complete. Also, a translator would have to be procured to translated the episodes. (I know some people outsource freelance translators to do this job, but with that many episodes in the series, it could cost a small fortune. Besides, finding someone who can translate that many episodes would be difficult… though not impossible.

      I’d like to translate any classic anime that piques any kind of interest, but I have to be reasonable. I don’t know if and/or when I would want to pick of Bismark as a potential subbing project, but right now, I don’t see it possible. Sorry. 😦

      P.S.: Thank you for offering the RAWs for this title, but I also have RAWs for Bismark stowed away for the future.


      • Kex Carter says:

        No problem! I know life’s a bit busy sometimes. 🙂

        Thank you for the in-depth reply. I will definitely check Anime Sols out, as that seems to be an option. Yes, I know all too well how costly hiring translators can be as I’m in the business myself, although not with the proper language pair for this context, unfortunately.

        An option I’ve been giving some thought, since it is hard to find someone willing to devote large amounts of time on the basis of one person’s request, is to learn Japanese and translate the show myself. Learning sufficient Japanese might take a while, though, but it’s a useful and fun skill to have when you come across animes that haven’t been translated by anyone else yet.


  2. Yen-Chih says:

    It’s pretty sad, that till today there are no english subs for Sei Juishi Bismarck and the DVD iso rip by DMonHiro is out for 5 years! It’s lying on my disk ever since, without the possiblity to watch it. Is there any slight chance that someone will have mercy to do this task or can I bury the hope?

    Then those rips would be no use for me… who does a rip without subs?


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