Playback Issues?!?!?!?

Ok. This is the number 1 question that people keep asking here and in other fansubs too.
And Prolly will keep asking in future…

How to play softsubs?
My sub is lagging?
My player is lagging?!
Your sub is unreadable
Wtf is with karaoke? Words keep filling all the video.
Wtf is with all typesetting shit that fansubs keep bragging about, while its just random texts that fills the screen?

If your player plays softsub videos like the picture above…
Then go get a new player (and/or codec) already.

Here is one solution for all:

CCCP-codec pack

Install it and play videos with “Media Player classic”. This snazzy codec will create awesome playback experience and will make you do backflips due to extreme happiness.