Reblog [Saizen]: Psycho Armor Govarian – 07


Where is Zeku guiding our group of heroes? Could it be to his personal sex dungeon?
Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. Remember, this was made by Go Nagai.

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Reblog: [Saizen] Psycho Armor Govarian – 01

Psychoarmor Govarian - 01v2 [RAWR] [1DC974C0].mkv_snapshot_11.49_[2014.08.23_02.54So here I am with the reblog of Saizen’s new Project, Psycho Armor Govarian! Which I help as the project’s editor.

Govarian is another 80’s mecha masterpiece. But it’s not an ordinary one, since it’s made by Go Nagai! So get hyped mecha lovers!!
Go Nagai decided to ask Mazinger Z’s cousin to participate in the show, which clearly explains the similarity.

Mazinger Z's Cousin

No, It’s not Mazinger Z! It’s his cousin!

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