Disappointing news about Hurricane Polymar ;_;

Crowdfunding for Hurricane Polymar has come to an end.  Anime Sols’ grand total for the DVD box sets is…

$13,470 USD

Yeah… only about thirteen thousand bucks.

Sadly, our favorite red karate superhero did not reach his goal of $29,000 USD.  There won’t be official DVDs of Hurricane Polymar with English subtitles… which is disappointing to say the least.  At least, the entire series is available for streaming up on Anime Sols for the time being.  Let’s hope the next series that Anime Sols decide to crowdfund will be more successful.


24 Days left for Hurricane Polymar!


As of now, Anime Sols has funded up to $11,675 USD for Hurricane Polymar.  It’s quite a lot of money, but it’s still not enough.  Twenty-four days are left until funding for Hurricane Polymar is ceased.  If the goal is not reached, there won’t be any DVDs of the wonderful gem from Tatsunoko Productions.

Please, go to Anime Sols, fund whatever you can.  Don’t let this gem to be left languishing on the vine!  Support Anime Sols, and bring Hurricane Polymar to DVD!


Hurricane Polymar (Anime Sols still need your help!)

As I’m sure you all know, Hurricane Polymar has started streaming on Anime Sols.  As of now, Anime Sols have released up to Episode 08 for viewing, and they’ve gathered up to $3040 USD for their project.  If you want to see Hurricane Polymar released in DVD format, I strongly suggest donating so that the $29,000 USD goal is reached.

I’d like to see this series finally released on DVD, and I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way… so if you want to see this on DVD, go to Anime Sols and donate whatever you can.


[U-Q]Hurricane Polymar: Episodes 01 – 12 (Batch torrent released)

A batch torrent of Universal-Quantifier’s episodes of Hurricane Polymar has been publically released.  These episodes uses a higher-quality RAW source by Simu, fixed spelling/grammatical errors, and translated episode previews.

This will most likely be the final release of Universal-Quantifier’s release of the series.  Be sure to go to Anime Sols’ and support the series.  Bring Hurricane Polymar to the masses!

Many thanks to Universal-Quantifier for allowing me to help with the series.

[U-Q]Hurricane Polymar:  Episodes 01 – 12


Hurricane Polymar on Anime Sols!

Hurricane Polymar is going to be on hold for the time being.  Do you want to know why?


Yeah, you read correctly… official subs.  Right now, Anime Sols is trying to pool 29,000 USD within six months.  If they can reach their goal, Hurricane Polymar will officially be out on DVD in English!

It’s another victory for classic anime.  Outside of Japan, Hurricane Polymar is only available in Italy… officially released there by an Italian anime distribution company called Dynit and is available subtitled and with an Italian audio track there.  Now, it looks like our favorite red karate-fighting superhero will make his official debut in English!  (Not sure if it’ll also be available with an English audio track, but if it does, great!)

Be sure to support Anime Sols in bringing this forgotten jewel from Tatsunoko Productions into the forefront!  Help Anime Sols!

Many thanks to Universal Quantifier for letting me help with their subs for the series!

(P.S.:  A batch torrent containing the first 12 episodes of Hurricane Polymar subbed by Universal Quantifier will go on as scheduled… if for one reason, as a way to help garner publicity for this series.)


Episode 12 of Hurricane Polymar… by Universal-Quantifier!!!

Those accursed subninjas tried to thwart this project again, they were unsuccessful!  Episode 12 of Hurricane Polymar has been release, courtesy of Universal-Quantifier!

In this episode, many famous scientists have been kidnapped by the Mecha-Birdmen, lead by Vulture.  (These villains resemble vultures, and no, it’s not the Spiderman villain.)  During a secret meeting with the International Peace Alliance, a reward of one million was announced.  Of course, Detective Kuruma could see nothing but dollar signs when he hears this, so he hatches a half-baked plot to find and capture this episode’s villains.  Let’s see how successful he is this time.

Oh yeah, for a moment, you can see Detective Joe Kuruma play with a kendama, a toy made famous by another Tatsunoko title, Yatterman.

Be sure to visit Universal-Quantifier and show your thanks!

Episode 12:  The Mecha-Birdmen
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols’ release of Hurricane Polymar!


Episode 11 of Hurricane Polymar… by Universal-Quantifier!!!

Universal Quantifier has returned once again with Episode 11 of Hurricane Polymar!

In this episode, the enemy resemble wolves. On top of that, Onitora puts his career and his pride on the line as Chief of the International Police.  Chief Onitora announces that if he doesn’t apprehend the White Wolf within seven days, he would resign. Furthermore, a trap is set to capture our red kung-fu fighting superhero.

Check out the episode to see how this all unfolds, and be sure to give thanks to Universal Quantifier as well.

This episode uses a much higher quality RAW video source that was encoded by someone by the name of “Simu”, a poster on NyaaTorrents. The first 10 episodes will receive the same treatment in a batch torrent some time in the future. This also means that I cannot use SendSpace for the DDL as it only allows files as large as 300MB without a premium account. A new DDL site will be used in the future for these new encodes. Thanks to Astrapentagona for discovering these new encodes from Simu.

Episode 11:  The White Wolf’s Mecha Beast Team
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols’ release of Hurricane Polymar!


Episode 10 of Hurricane Polymar… by Universal-Quantifier!!!

Episode 10 of Hurricane Polymar has been released, courtesy of Universal-Quantifier!

The enemy resembles jellyfish (Also known in marine biology as “medusa“) this time, and the Medusa Gang are after special vases called “Shibugaki vases” to discover the whereabouts of the Alemar Royal Family’s ancient treasures.  All twelve of these special vases were stolen by the Medusa Gang except for one.  Coincidentally, this one vases is owned by the International Police Chief, Onitora.

What could be the ancient treasure of the Alemar Royal Family?  Will Detective Kuruma finally upstage Chief Onitora this time?  You’ll have to download to find out.  Be sure to thank Universal-Quantifier as well.

Episode 10:  The Electric Medusa Gang
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols’ release of Hurricane Polymar!


Episode 09 of Hurricane Polymar… by Universal-Quantifier!!!

Universal Quantifier has returned once more for Episode 09 of Hurricane Polymar!

The Devil Cats (Yes, the villains are dressed up as cats.) are attacking and murdering scientists for the blueprints to their inventions, and Hurricane Polymar decides to set up a plan to bait the gang of thieves!

In here, the viewers also get a view into Polymar’s weakness:  He cannot stay transformed for longer than 46 minutes and one second.  If he stays transformed any longer than that, his “life is in danger”.

Oh yeah, we also get to see that Teru can also kick ass as well as be a fashion plate.  (Well, a fashion plate from the 1970’s, anyway…)

Just download the episode and be sure to thank Universal Quantifier as well.

Episode 09:  The Devil Cats Dance in the Dark
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols’ release of Hurricane Polymar!


Episode 08 of Hurricane Polymar… by Universal Quantifier!!!

Universal-Quantifier has returned with Episode 08 of Hurricane Polymar ready for release!

This time, the enemy is stealing gold bars using acidic liquid from pitcher plants (Also known as Nepenthes).  Apparently, this fluid is so potent, it can dissolve and kill human beings.  Once again, Detective Kuruma is on the case and want to upstage Chief Onigawara for once.

If you want to see if Detective Kuruma is successful or not, be sure to download the episode and give Universal Quantifier your thanks.

Episode 08:  Dissolving Machine Utsubora
Torrent and DDL has been removed.  Support Anime Sols’ release of Hurricane Polymar!