Errors in the Daltanious Batch fixed

It came to my attention that the batch torrent has errors in it.  Apparently, I accidentally used the video for Episode 03 when I muxxed Episode 02.  After comfirming this error, I fixed the batch with making a V3 for Episode 03.  My apologize for this error.

I also found muxxing errors in other files as well, and fixed them as well with V3s.  The following episodes have been remedied:

Episode 01:  Rise and Go to War!
Episode 02:  The Mysterious Third Robot (Duh!)
Episode 08:  I Want a Mother
Episode 09:  Jump, Jump, and then Cry
Episode 13:  The Tearful Struggle of the Hungry Man
Episode 16:  Substitute Operation:  Gluttony
Episode 17:  How is Your School?
Episode 21:  Cratus, Warrior of Space
Episode 22:  The Great and Tearful Transformation of the Instructor Robot
Episode 34:  I am Kento, a Man from Earth
Episode 35:  Doctor Earl, the Proud Rebel
Episode 37:  Panic at the Port City
Episode 43:  The Mobile Fortress of Betrayal
Episode 44:  Sally Forth, Adarus Base!
Episode 46:  The Massive Attack Leads to Zaar in the Storm
Episode 47:  Ormen’s Tragic Tale

Also a quick reminder…

In the subbed episodes, you’ll sometimes see some text appear at the bottom of the screen in Italian.  Those cannot be removed.  The video source uses the Italian Dynit DVDs, and the hardsubbed Italian text are present in there.

P.S.:  These errors will also be fixed on the BakaBT batch torrent.




Mirai Robo Daltanias: 01-47 (V2 Batch)


It’s finally ready!

The batch torrent for “Daltanious: Robot of the Future” is completed!

All episodes were given one final check to squash any possible typos or timing errors or slight line re-writes to make these episodes shine brigher than a Twilight vampire in the sunlight.  And yes, even the error that was present in Episode 40 was squashed.

I hope you enjoyed this anime series as much as I have subbing them.

And now, to showcase who helped in making these subbed episodes possible…

Starseeeker:  TL-Checking (Episodes 01 & 02)
serenade_beta:  TL-Checking (Episodes 02 – 47)
TehKou:  Intro & Ending song translations
Ametuchi:  Insert Song translation in Episode 17
Musical_life:  Quality Checking
Luurah:  Editing, Timing, Typesetting, Spanish-to-English Translation, Encoding
RAW Video Source:  Italian Dynit DVDs

Batch has been fixed.  Click here.

Direct Downloads of all V2s will be available in the future.  Please be patient.  There’s a lot to upload.  For now, download from the batch torrent here and go to BakaBT to download as well.


Mirai Robo Daltanias: 47 *FINAL*


After five years since Luurah Productions’ birth, the final episode of “Daltanious: Robot of the Future” is out for the downloading masses!

Ormen shows his true face and regales to everyone in shocking detail of how the clones were conceived and how they were used as insurance for the Helios Royal Family.  Apparently, the Empire of Helios is not as noble as it has been made out to be since the very beginning.

Episode 47:  Ormen’s Tragic Tale


MD5:  6b1c10c7c6d5b13e198accb6b03954ce

Just a word of warning, the rest of this will be TL;DR…

And now we close the modeled tome that is “Daltanious: Robot of the Future”.

I know there were some people who were complaining crap like, “Hasn’t Luurah ever finished a series?!”  Well, now you can shut your collective pie-holes about that!  This series has been a labor of love for me since the moment I discovered those RAW video set with Italian subtitles.

For those who are unaware of how this fansubs came to be, I’ll regale the story here once more.

Once upon a time, I discovered the first episode of Daltanious that was subtitled by ARR.  It was my introduction to Tadao Nagahama’s final super robot show before he succumbed to Hepatitis in 1980.  I only wished there were more.

Instead of waiting for some other fansubbing group to pick this up and sub it themselves, I took it upon myself to get started on it.  After reading many, many, many articles on fansubbing, I came up with that crude subtitle file of the first couple of episodes, learning everything as I came along.

Yes, this also meant that the subtitles were, in the very beginning, based almost entirely on the Italian Dynit DVD script files without any translation checking, but I also tried to make as much creative editing as I possibly could along the way.

In time, I discovered Musical_life who would assist in quality checking.  Also, I discovered that Daltanious had a Spanish dub.  (I know nothing about the Italian language, but Spanish is my second language.)  As time went on, I discovered that the Spanish dub was closer to the original compared to the Italian dub.  I eventually sped up until Episode 23.

And then… the “Megapocolypse” happened.

Many fansubbing groups were affected by it, and mine was no exception.  Daltanious came to a screeching halt.  This was also during this time that I came looking for a translation checker.  In the beginning, I asked starseeker of /m/subs to assist, and she did even though I understood from the beginning that progress would be slow.  (At the time, she was working on L-Gaim, Layzner, and Braiger with X-Nebula.  By the way, if you’re reading this… COME BACK TO US, CRINN!  ¡TE EXTRAÑE!  ;_;)

Around December 2013, starseeker had to pull out after two episodes.  (Like I had reiterated in the past, I don’t blame her.)  Eventually, I found serenade_beta on AnimeSuki, who volunteer to TL-Check all episodes, release and unreleased, starting with Episode 02.

By December 2015, I received the last of serenade_beta’s notes, and Musical_life had to bow out gracefully.  (BTW, if you’re reading this as well… Thank you so much for helping out on both this and Mach GoGoGo!)  After giving the first 23 episodes as MAJOR overhaul, I could get started on the unreleased episodes.

And now, this is where we are at… on Luurah Productions’ fifth anniversary, the final episode is released!  This is not the end yet.  I still have my other projects to draw my attention to, and I’ll have a batch torrent with be made available containing any necessary V2.

Furthermore, a batch with any necessary v2s will be made available in the future.  Therefore, please don’t upload unofficial batches on sites like BakaBT or NyaaTorrents.

To starseeker, serenade_beta, and Musical_life who have helped make my first project… my labor of love… completed once and for all… I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  None of this would be possible without your input.

Mirai Robo Daltanias: 46


We’re at the penultimate episode of “Daltanious: Robot of the Future”, and war is on between Daltanias and The Empire of Zaar!

Despite Prince Arlin has yet to regain consciousness from receiving Kloppen’s organs, Arlin is brought with Kento and company so that he would be there when the war goes on.  After vanquishing Supreme General Neshia, is a regular war ensemble!  As a fight with Ormen on an unnamed twinborg unwinds, the Emperor of Zaar finally reveals his face!


Oh, come on!  Did you actually think I’d show you all what Ormen looks like here?  Have you not learned the lesson from Episode 33?  Just download and watch the episode… and brace yourself for a shocker!

Episode 46:  The Massive Attack Fleet Leads to Zaar in the Storm

MD5:  857d1ad33c137d8c4bf0fe33d4c37bc9


On a serious note, BakaBT has been contacted about a future batch torrent being made in the VERY near future.  I also ask that (even though I’m certain I’m powerless to stop it) no one post any batch torrents to sites like BakaBT or NyaaTorrents. (or any other for that matter)  I’ll be handling that when the time arrives.


Mirai Robo Daltanias: 45


Episode 45 of Daltanious: Robot of the Future is out, and we now say good-bye to Kloppen.

In case you haven’t seen the previous episode, Prince Arlin was mortally wounded by a sneak attack from the late General Mitsuka.  Worse yet, Kloppen was mortally wounded as well by General Kabuto.  After overhearing Kento shedding tears for this one man responsible for murdering his mother and sister (and countless millions on Earth), Kloppen is moved enough to make the ultimate sacrifice so that Kento’s father has a chance at survival.

As for Arlin?  Did he make it?  I’m not spoiling that here!  You’ll have to watch and see.

Only two more to go…

Also, rest in peace, Kloppen.

Episode 45:  Father, Come Back to Me!


MD5:  704148e2e3d334d4aa239f3886b1f5b0

Mirai Robo Daltanias: 44


We’re only three more episodes left until the grand finale, folks!  And that means Episode 44 of “Daltanious: Robot of the Future” is out for the downloading masses!

It’s time for Adarus Base to go out into space and launch its attack on the Army of Zaar!  It looks like the death of Emperor Parumion (no, not Emperor Nishimura) will finally be avenged… something Doctor Earl is hoping for judging from the release pic.

Could this mean this story is over?  Oh, hell no!  Not yet!  Just download and find out!

Oh yeah… and another one of Zaar’s generals is next in line.

Episode 44:  Sally Forth, Adarus Base!

MD5:  2f51ef4b1129af4fe941900a287b69fd

Mirai Robo Daltanias: 43


We’re only four episodes away from the grand finale.  Episode 43 of “Daltanious: Robot of the Future” is finally out!

As you can see, Daltanious was ripped off from the 1996 Independence Day film.

Maybe, Michael Bay used this episode as reference for some of his films?  Who knows…

Anyway, just watch the episode.

Also, at around 01:39, you can see Sanae making onigiri.  To those who don’t know, they’re rice balls (using short-grain rice), filled with various ingredients, and with a small sheet of nori (dried seewead) around the bottom.

If you want to know how to make onigiri, I found a video on a YouTube cooking channel called “Cooking with Dog“.  This channel has multiple cooking videos, focusing on Japanese cuisine, narrated by Francis, a poodle.  Yes, I know it sounds weird.  Somehow, it works.  I suggest checking out their channel whenever possible.

Episode 43:  The Fierce Battle: Daltanious Against the Mobile Fortress

MD5:  3de5a3906b47501e90277234da028398