Magnerobo Ga-Keen: 08


Yes, who is this dude? A friend? An enemy? A former lover? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Episode 08:  Skill and Soul Taught by Father
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MD5: f4b553cd5599c3b1997d7e0fc5bd625a


Ga-keen: 07


Mamoru Kazuki: You’re feeling tense. Let me relax your muscles.

Takeru Hojo: You don’t have to go through the tr— hey, something’s poking me in the butt!

Mamoru Kazuki: I know!  😀

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Ga-Keen 07:  The Mobile Fortress Blasts Off to the Ends of the Universe
[BitTorrent] | [SolidFiles]
MD5:  536ab7f2a85a50e331c36ff6356ade51

Ga-Keen: 00 – 03


Sorry for the lengthy delay, but these four synthetic beasts kept eating all our QCers.  It should be okay now… hopefully…cuz Ga-keen’s super weapon is here to rescue them!

PS. We’re now using a different source for our encodes, hence there aren’t any patch files.
Thanks for the guys who tried so hard in providing us these raws.

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Episode 00 (v2)
[Bittorrent] | [SolidFiles]
MD5: 68c9f577a61d338a23fb6c305eda3f24

Episode 01 (v3)
[BitTorrent] | [SolidFiles]
MD5: a52fb38ebd4bb94efd710d5f44c89362

Episode 02
[BitTorrent] | [SolidFiles]
MD5: e650c672380f9867faf70ae07e4ec0c9

Episode 03
[BitTorrent] | [SolidFiles]
MD5: 9c5cbdee4be74e6ddfa996c580ea5587

Ga-Keen: 01

Ga-keen - 01_001_15049

After 2 years of hiatus (no joking here!), and some months of delay (sorry for that, it couldn’t be avoided). It’s officially begun!
Join us to learn dating lessons with Takeru!!!

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Episode 01: Ga-Keen, the Invincible King (v3)
[BitTorrent] | [Magnet] | [Solidfiles]

For those who don’t want to download the episode all over again, here is a patch for you!