Magnerobo Ga-Keen: Episode 10


The subninjas and synthetic beasts have been working together to stop this project from continuing, and they were successful for some time.  However, we’ve asked Kaoru to fight them all off for us.  Be wary of her.  She can be vicious.

Extra special thanks to the kind people at Saizen Fansubs for helping me out!

Magnerobo Ga-Keen:  Episode 10

MD5: 82bf04202311e8dd878625cd291d1b6f

Magnerobo Ga-Keen: Episode 09


“Would you like some candy, little girl? There’s a puppy in the van, too.”


Many thanks to Saizen Fansubs for assisting in this release.

Speaking of puppies…

2018-07-23 18.31.27

This release is dedicated to my dog, Niña, who passed away after fighting brain cancer for over a year.  She was 14 years old.  Rest in peace, my beautiful baby girl.

Episode 09: Sibling Love Burns with a Red Flame

MD5: MD5: a7cd3751c9e9c55059be48e6d493a3b4



Ga-Keen: 00 – 03


Sorry for the lengthy delay, but these four synthetic beasts kept eating all our QCers.  It should be okay now… hopefully…cuz Ga-keen’s super weapon is here to rescue them!

PS. We’re now using a different source for our encodes, hence there aren’t any patch files.
Thanks for the guys who tried so hard in providing us these raws.

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Episode 00 (v2)
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MD5: 68c9f577a61d338a23fb6c305eda3f24

Episode 01 (v3)
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MD5: a52fb38ebd4bb94efd710d5f44c89362

Episode 02
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MD5: e650c672380f9867faf70ae07e4ec0c9

Episode 03
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MD5: 9c5cbdee4be74e6ddfa996c580ea5587

Ga-Keen: 01

Ga-keen - 01_001_15049

After 2 years of hiatus (no joking here!), and some months of delay (sorry for that, it couldn’t be avoided). It’s officially begun!
Join us to learn dating lessons with Takeru!!!

It’s a joint Project with Saizen, so don’t forget to visit and say thanks!

Episode 01: Ga-Keen, the Invincible King (v3)
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For those who don’t want to download the episode all over again, here is a patch for you!

New Project joint with Saizen!

Ga-keen - 01_001_1873Hi guys! So here I am with the announcement of the new project joint with super awesome guys at Saizen! The people who have known my fansub for so long already know what it might be!

Magnerobo Ga-keen!

YESSS!!!! It’s happening!

It’s a show that happens in 1970s when aliens decide to leave their hideout and make a move to invade the earth and kill all the humans! AWE NO! The only thing which is able to defeat their army is Magnet-Robotic technology! Join us with the adventures of the magnetic Research team and the Ga-keen’s + and – pole Pilots!

Now for some Credits: Griffon Did an Italian to english translation and Dear Onibaba translated checked and I edited it once again. then Zegond did an awesome typesetting and Konnakude, Kuroiryuu and sangofe did super awesome quality checking.

I hereby give my special thanks to Sangofe, Juggen and FalseDawn for giving me tips on everything from choosing fonts to timing and editing and muxing so that Ga-Keen can be a quality release with Saizen‘s Standards. Thanks to all! I hope you enjoy this release!

Here is a PV (Episode 00) of the anime. Enjoy!!! Tune in! cuz more releases are one the way!!!

Episode 00: Preview Video (Trailer)
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