Chougattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser: 08


Are you serious?!  On your side?!  Sorry, I don’t like making deals with the enemy!

Episode 08:  Go up! Kite Fighting

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Chougattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser: 07


Just when you thought the perviness would cease, Episode 07 of Ultra-Combining Magical Robot Ginguiser takes us to the hot springs!  Draw your own conclusions.

Many thanks to TriPPPle who assisted in typesetting this episode!

Episode 07:  The Scream of Turton, the Ancient Sea Turtle

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MD5:  eb5939f2702cda4a101727f14b7b184e

Chougattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser : 05

Goro sure knows how to enjoy pantsu from far away

Goro sure knows how to enjoy pantsu from far away

For you who think guys can never be pussies, go watch this episode, When a mom’s plan to teach her boys some courage, turns into a horror full of blood bravery and murder Rescue moments.

But of course, Michi and Goro’s ecchi moments will prevent you from blowing up not enjoying this episode.

Episode 05: The Rock Demon Beast Yashaganda
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Chougattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser: 01-02



This might come as no surprise to some people as I’ve somehow developed an immunity to this thing, but yes… new project time! The first and second episodes of the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) “Ultra-Combining Magical Robot Ginguiser” is out!

As luck would have it, I procured the Italian scripts for all 26 episodes of Ginguiser months ago.  Using Google Translator to change the words from Italian to English and cleaning up the dialogue, the English scripts were somewhat readable.  Thanks to Anonyneko who TL-checked these episodes, they’re now much better than before!  (The first episode uses mSubs‘ release as a base, the rest will use the Italian scripts from the Dynit DVDs.  Many thanks to starseeker for allowing me to use her script for the first episode with her blessings.)

Prepare to be amazed!  Prepare to be astounded!  Prepare to experience a multitude of seizures!


Source: Public WMV RAWs
Editing and Timing: Luurah
Typesetting: Zigi
Translation Checking: Anonyneko
Translation source (w/ Google Translator): Dynit DVD
Quality Checking: Xendemo, bananadoyouwanna

Episode 01: March Out! Ginguiser
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md5: 5a3293b3655397646665a99dddc14f9a

Episode 02: The Ambitions of the Sazorian Empire
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md5: f90098a14e6405c142d8c11c05782c84