Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episode 26 *FINAL*



The final episode of Uchuu Majin Daikengo is released just in time for Mother’s Day!

On Episode 26, titled “Fight On, King Planet’s Three Swordsmen”, the final confrontation against Roboleon takes place! Secrets are revealed! Robots are unleashed! Grand Emperor Magellan finally faces our heroes! Be prepared for the grand finale!

At last, this 26-episode tour-de-force through the universe comes to an end. I hope you’ve enjoyed Uchuu Majin Daikengo as much as I have. Of course, a v2 batch will be coming forth in the future to iron out any errors throughout the series.

Episode 26:  Fight On, King Planet’s Three Swordsmen!

Updated Batch torrent can be found “here“.

And as tradition, this is how the Daikengo subs came to be.

Some time around 2013, I had discovered several episodes of Daikengo that were dubbed in Spanish. Unfortunately, the series didn’t have a full set of Spanish dubbed episodes, but a full set of Daikengo videos dubbed in Italian. I wanted to make this a project, so I looked for someone to translate the Italian episodes that I couldn’t find in Spanish.

lostmax did translate the first episode from Italian, but he disappeared afterwards. Some time later, Griffon was available to translate the Italian episodes while I worked on the Spanish episodes (with help from BendesidaOty). Some time, I discovered Onidragon from TMUSubs and Blind5ide (who worked with Get Back Subs) to assist as a TL-checker from Japanese to English. As a result, the Daikengo project was ready to be unleashed to the world.

Unfortunately, Blind5ide has to depart after Episode 06 was released. I found a friend on Facebook who would assist as a TL-checker… Kiseki 83. Also, I reached out to my other connections and found Onibaba who would be willing to help TL-check lines in the scripts that Kiseki 83 could not. Releases were forthcoming again, thanks to these two kind and generous souls.

After Episode 12, however, another person involved had disappared. This time, it was Onidragon. I never heard from him after Episode 12 came out. With him gone, the project went under the banner of Luurah Productions thereafter, instead of both Luurah Productions and TMUSubs.

This didn’t last as Onibaba had real-life commitments that forced her to bow out of the Daikengo project just before Episode 19 was released. Thus, the call went out for another spot-TL-checker. This time, it was serenade_beta, the same person who helped with Daltanious who answered. Fortunately, it was this kind and generous person who helped spot check the last seven episodes, and that’s where we’re at now.

As for what projects will be forthcoming in the future, I had my eye on some potential projects but nothing is set in stone yet. If another project will be ready under the Luurah Productions banner, you’ll hear it from this site first.

Luurah: Timing, Editing, Typesetting, Encoding, Spanish-to-English Translation (Episodes 3-7, 9-17, 19-22)
BendesidaOty: Spot-TL-Check on Spanish-to-English (Episodes 3-7, 9-17, 19-22)
OniDragon: “Translation Assistance” (Episodes 01-12)
Blind5ide: Song-TL, TL-Check (01-06)
lostmax: Italian-to-English Translation (Episode 1)
Griffon: Italian-to-English Translation (Episodes 8, 18, 23-26)
Kiseki 83: Japanese-to-English TL-Checking (Episodes 07-26)
Onibaba: Spot-TL-Checking (Episodes 07, 09-19)
serenade_beta: Spot-TL-Checking (Episodes 20 – 26)

9 thoughts on “Uchuu Majin Daikengo: Episode 26 *FINAL*

  1. This is the best day of my life! Awesome and Thanks so much Luurah and also a huge shoutout to people who are involved in this amazing project! without you guyz/galz, none of this would have happen… thanks for your time and effort!

    Liked by 1 person

    • A batch torrent with any errors in the scripts is forthcoming. I just need to sit down and go over the episodes with a fine tooth comb like how I did with Daltanious and Dai Apolon in the past.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stavros says:

    Luurah, I just found your work recently trying to find episodes of Laserion. I have to say congrats on all your hard work and i really cant wait to see your next project..!


  3. Massive thanks to you and the whole crew who saw this through to the end. This is a series that would have just slipped through so many other hands into oblivion, perhaps, but you didn’t give up on it. Your hard work is always appreciated.


  4. Cavery says:

    So, is one of those of potential projects Albegas? With the popularity of the new Voltron, it’ll be perfect timing!


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