UFO Senshi Dai Apolon v2 Batch Released!


At last, after going through the scripts for a little over two weeks straight, I went through all twenty-six episodes of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon, and fixed any errors I came across and made sure all file names were consistent once and for all.  It was hard work, but it’s a labor of love, and I’m glad that this project is finally behind me!  Download the batch torrent at sites like AniDex and Nyaa.si.

Thank you to everyone to everyone who followed this project until its end, and an especially big thank you to all those involved in the project:  Nanto, sky79, jigen, zegond, Ookalf, and BendesidaOty.

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon(Batch Torrent 01-26)

And now, some final thoughts from people involved in the project.  First, Ookalf…

To be honest, I’m not sure I knew what I was getting into when I volunteered to help out with this. I’d never really done this sort of solo QC work before. It honestly got pretty stressful, making sure everything was just right. In the end, I’d like to think I at least did a decent job of it. I hope you all enjoyed it, too!

I wasn’t too familiar with the show itself, either. I basically only volunteered because I heard giant robots were involved. Heh… Maybe not the brightest move I’ve ever made. Still, once I actually started watching the show, I got pretty into it! I found the whole “becoming the robot” angle pretty interesting – a bit Ultraman-esque, actually. And now that I think about, they’re both solar powered aliens, too. Hmm…

Anyway, where was I? Ah, right. The villains, too, were pretty interesting. You really start to feel for them, especially as we learn more about their true motives. And the ending… Well, there were parts I wasn’t expecting, I’ll say that much!

So, that’s my story, I guess. It’s been a blast, and I hope you’ve all had as much with these Unidentified Football-playing Objects as I have!

Next is the project TL-Checker, sky79.  Before anyone says anything, any gripes or rants about her English will NOT be tolerated.  If I see anyone post any insults or rants about this, I will go in rant mode in 0.000001 seconds!

First, I’m glad you’ve shown me this one. I didn’t know it, and frankly, at beginning I was expecting somehow “boring” anime.
But it turned to be pretty well.
Simply story, and not too long, exactly what you would want to watch, even if such theme/genre isn’t interesting for you.
Well, this genre is not what I prefer, or maybe what I would prefer, because nowadays I rarely watch any anime (not enough time).

At that time, when you asked me, I just said to myself, I should try it. If I’m not able to help you, then I can still stop with that.
I actually thought the work would be more difficult, but thanks to those spanish version, it wwasn’t as I expected.
So, whoever translated it into spanish, did really good work. Of course, from spanish to english as well.
The rest was then much more easier.

What I liked (and probably more from translating-view) was, that they didn’t speak too much.
There weren’t many “useless” sentences, well maybe in some explanations, but they tried to really describe scene, and what happened.
It’s good, if there are informations about many things, but sometimes it just goes into too much details.
And then, it starts to be more and more difficult (at least for me 🙂 ).
Right now, I just looked at the script and I can’t believe, it is already 6 years from the time when I did the first episode.
I thought it wasn’t so long. Well, time flies.

I liked the fact that you could guess ending of each episode, and you would still be right. Though the last one was quite surprising.
I mean, I didn’t expect it to end like that – that Dazaan will actually revived, even though the wrong things their leader did.
Ah, but you can’t consid er that every one who was living at Dazaan should have been responsible for doing of their leader. so in this aspect,
it’s only right that the wrong-one was punished and others not. And leader still found out,
that there was better way to achieve his goal (do I remember it correct? I mean, in the end he agreed with that fact that he was wrong for long time).
Then, there is something positive in this anime.

I must say I didn’t like the color of some scenes. Everything was very dark. Or, they just used only few color, like blue or violet.
And very rarely some very bright colors, like yellow or so. It’s a pity, because it makes you think that the story is very sad or so.

And of course, funny, since denying many physical laws, and forgetting ideas or persons they were at beginning.
Like, Apolon is based on sunlight, but still he could fight even when there was on sun. Or in mostly episodes, where this reason wasn’t needed.
And, besides Mako, all the kids in orphanage were somehow forgotten. Though, you have to pity Mako. She was nice, I liked her way of doing.

But, despite of all this, I had fun when I watched this. It wasn’t too complicated and had some great points, like you can’t be always the only one hero,
you have to rely on your friends and work together (when he was not able to unite), apolon destroy and of course ending with Gyranik.
He was good commander.
Though he realized it probably too late.

I’m glad I could help you. I could then watch something like this, a genre I wouldn’t have probably watched if you hadn’t asked me to help.
It was funny, and easy to follow. And I learned something new, at least about fighting robots in anime.
so, I thank to everyone, who helped with this one. and everyone who watched it and had fun as I did.

And I wish you, that you will bring others your work successfully to the end.

Next up is some words from our artisan typesetter, Zegond…

What I remember most about this show was the fact that I started this show to remain on the typesetting scene despite being so busy. I had just started my career on that time and I was so busy, but agreed to do this show because I really liked to help luurah in giving releases with more quality, and although I’m not a mecha fan, the fact that I knew im working on a show that is liked by many, kept me going.
The show sounded so easy on typesetting, but had its own challenges as well.
The whole good thing that happened in the final episodes of the show, was the fact that me and luurah decided to try kanban agile methodology to our work in order to be more organized and productive.
It had awesome results just like magic, and I applied this method on the other group I was working with and it also made its magic on that team as well.
For me, these 2 years are so magical personally and this show will always be a reminder of a time I tried so hard to grow on my career


More will be added whenever possible.  For the time being, download and watch the full first season of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon in its subtitled glory!

11 thoughts on “UFO Senshi Dai Apolon v2 Batch Released!

  1. A sincere ‘thanks’ to you and all involved in this labor of love. Wrapping it up with the tidy v2 batch shows quite a willingness to go the extra mile and makes it so much better for downloading posterity. Massive ‘Otsukaresama deshita’ to you all!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. konnakude says:

    Congratulations, Luurah, once again! (First time I congratulated you on finishing the whole series and now on finishing the batch). I’m so happy and proud to call you my friend! I wish you more and more such finalizations of your fansubbing work in the future! You know, you just need to whistle, and I’ll gladly help you however I can! 😛

    And I agree with tenken: it was really awesome to read the thoughts of the people working on the project. XD


  3. For some reason I cannot see the subtitles. I downloaded the episodes on my Chromebook. The video for each episode comes out great, but I don’t see any subs. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks. Am I supposed to watch it using a different player like VLC?


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