Chougattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser: 03

Miki… naughty  😀

If you guys thought 70’s mecha anime can’t be ecchi, go watch Ginguiser!

Goro and Miki will surprise you in every episode. More to come soon!

And here is the 3rd episode, where Goro and Miki, ditch their friends and go on a date mission.

Episode 03: Emerge! Numera of Mt. Fuji
[BitTorrent] | [Solidfiles]
md5:  18953a9fbc053d81276461c8d8b45567

3 thoughts on “Chougattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser: 03

  1. Victor says:

    Thank you all at Luurah for these AWESOME projects / shows . Gingaiser!?!?! WOW – never saw that coming!
    Series, these releases are a dream come true for a Super Robot fan since the 1970’s.
    Will Luurah continue with Daimos? Its a great series!


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