State of Luurah Productions Post-Nyaapocolypse

I’m sure everyone has been mourning the loss of NyaaTorrents.  (Heck, I still am, but I can understand the site owner’s reasons.)  This, however, left a gaping void that’s virtually impossible to fill.  Also, I had that notice that SolidFiles was going to shut down by the end of May.  Well, I can tell you this much… SolidFiles is -NOT- shutting down.  It’s still running as of now.  But you know what… fuck that!  I moved all my files to Userscloud, and I am not changing that.  If you go to the Direct Download page, all links now point to Userscloud, so that issue is resolved.

The torrent issue is a bit trickier.  I did set up an account on AniDex and uploaded my torrents there… though I had to batch everything up so that I didn’t have to upload over a hundred torrent files at once.  As a result, some file names were corrected in the process.  This was especially noticeable when compiling the Dai Apolon 01-21 batch.  I really messed up the file names on that set over the years.  Oops!

Also, there’s… which is pretty much what used to be.  I’ve also set up an account there, so I can upload torrents to that site as well.  Besides, Saizen Fansubs, the group whom I’ve been working with on Magnerobo Ga-Keen, decided to upload their torrents there from now on.  Any future Ga-Keen releases will be uploaded to  Everything else will be uploaded to both AniDex and

We’re heading toward a world where NyaaTorrents is now a memory.  To those involved into the original NyaaTorrents, thank you for your selfless actions to anime fandom for so many years.

RIP NyaaTorrents & Goodbye SolidFiles


Some might remember the infamous “Megapocolypse” that occurred back in January 2012.  Hell, that moment I still fresh on my mind.  Unfortunately, history has repeated itself with the “Nyaapocolypse”.  NyaaTorrents, the site that hosts torrents for almost every anime/tokusatsu torrent on the planet has been shut down.

This isn’t the only issue that Luurah Productions has to deal with.  SolidFiles, the DDL hosting site that hosts all of Luurah Productions’ files will be shutting down by the end of May 2017.  So, yes, the site has been hit with a double-whammy.

Solidfiles is NOT shutting down, but that’s not stopping me from migrating all my files.

Right now, I’m in the process of migrating all files to Userscloud so that the DDL page could get up and running again.  This is a lot of data to move, so this will take several days.  Furthermore, I’ll have to find another torrent site that will take the reins that Nyaa used to hold.  This will be tough, and though Luurah Productions has seen hard times in the past, this is not the end.

R.I.P. NyaaTorrents & SolidFiles

Chougattai Majutsu Robot Ginguiser: 07


Just when you thought the perviness would cease, Episode 07 of Ultra-Combining Magical Robot Ginguiser takes us to the hot springs!  Draw your own conclusions.

Many thanks to TriPPPle who assisted in typesetting this episode!

Episode 07:  The Scream of Turton, the Ancient Sea Turtle


MD5:  eb5939f2702cda4a101727f14b7b184e

Magnerobo Ga-keen: 07


Mamoru Kazuki: You’re feeling tense. Let me relax your muscles.

Takeru Hojo: You don’t have to go through the tr— hey, something’s poking me in the butt!

Mamoru Kazuki: I know!  😀

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Ga-Keen 07:  The Mobile Fortress Blasts Off to the Ends of the Universe

MD5:  536ab7f2a85a50e331c36ff6356ade51

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon: 21


After a long sabbatical, the UFO Boy Scouts have returned for some full-frontal UFO porn action on Episode 21 of UFO Senshi Dai Apolon!

The Dazaan Army is bringing out the big guns this time with Metorite Robot Magdam, and there’s also a solar eclipse.  Too bad Takeshi is feeling as if he’s having his period a heart attack.  Whatever will our heroes do?  Maybe, they’ll break out the Midol new weapon?

Also, Direct Downloads for “Daltanious: Robot of the Future” is in the process of being fixed.  Please be patient.

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon:  Episode 21

MD5:  8b9f3363eea1f516bc71a59a6120e63d


Magnerobo Ga-Keen: 06



Wait, Mai’s father is in the shot! This makes the creepiness factor go up to 11! Ewww…

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Episode 06:  Mai’s Furious Scream of the Sweet Cross!

MD5:  93cc3657dae342fed369da4da01bd03e

Note:  Direct Download link is coming soon.  For now, use the torrent link to download.

Uchuu Majin Daikengou: 13-15

Sadly, Onidragon from TMUSubs has gone missing in action. Therefore, for the time being, Uchuu Majin Daikengo will be a Luurah Productions project only and no longer a joint project. To OniDragon, wherever you are, I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your involvement with this project up to this point.

And now, onto the newest episodes of Daikengo to be released…


On Episode 13, titled “The Secret of Planet Burai”, Prince Ryger and company encounters a robot named Spal, constructed by the Magellan armies as a way to learn of Bryman’s identity and, eventually, assassinate the vagabond swordsman. However, Spal’s programming may have gone awry as it appears to have developed its own free will. Whether that’s a stroke of genius or just a glitch on the Magellans’ part is up for debate.

If you like this episode, you might like “The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun“, a 1968 anime film that was directed by Isao Takahata.  This was also the first of several films in which Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki collaborated over the years.  Also, this film is available on Region 1 DVD by Discotek Media.


As for Episode 14, titled “Blueprints of the Mobile Planet”, our intrepid heroes run into Captain Nigero and his crew from Planet Coolina. Apparently, these people have gone yellow and ran away from the Magelllan Empire, abandoning their planet in the process. However, this is all a facade once Prince Ryger and company arrives on the planet and find a robot girl named Roscarl. You’ll just have to download and find out more.

The character, Roscarl, might reminds some viewers of the 1968 tokusatsu series, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot(a.k.a. Giant Robo).  Like Daikengo, the tokusatsu version of this show is owned by Toei.  Also, the show is available on Region 1 DVD by Shout! Factory.


As for Episode 15, titled “Monster Planet of Evil”, we’re now on Planet Alpes, a quaint and inhabited planet that’s also home to a race of giant monsters called “monkira” (“Dragon” in the Italian & Spanish dubs) which look like the cross between a centaur and a monkey. Prince Ryger and his crew run into a smaller monkira and name him “Chibi”. (Japanese for “little”; was named “Tinytot” in both the Italian & Spanish dubs) However, General Roboleon has an interest in the monkira as well. This couldn’t end well…

Now to discuss another cast character from the show.  Well, technically two… but since they’re both voiced by the same person, I’m mentioning them both here.

One of the new characters in this batch of episodes, Doctor Gunther, is voiced by Banjou Ginga.  (He also voiced Grand Emperor Magellan.)  Some of his roles include the narrator in Esper Mami, Neros in Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3, and Alan & King Bado in Uchuu Senshi Baldios.

Episode 13:  The Secret of Planet Burai
Episode 14:  Blueprints of the Mobile Planet
Episode 15:  Monster Planet of Evil

Uchuu Majin Daikengo:  Episodes 13-15
Episodes 13:
Episodes 14:
Episodes 15:

Episode 13:  af7b7a80c6af30fe3a285b25ad52db3f
Episode 14:  7592bd7094d15d9418729402f0efb565
Episode 15:  c17fb49bea783af7f7fc5166ae467507