Cho-Gattai Majutsu Robo Ginguiser: Episode 10


Salome:  Oh Great Crystal Ball, will we see more recycled Ginguiser footage in this episode?

*Crystal ball turns black*

Salome:  This show really needs to stop cutting corners.

Episode 10:  The Curse of the Transforming Revived Beast

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Magnerobo Ga-Keen: Episode 09


“Would you like some candy, little girl? There’s a puppy in the van, too.”


Many thanks to Saizen Fansubs for assisting in this release.

Speaking of puppies…

2018-07-23 18.31.27

This release is dedicated to my dog, Niña, who passed away after fighting brain cancer for over a year.  She was 14 years old.  Rest in peace, my beautiful baby girl.

Episode 09: Sibling Love Burns with a Red Flame

MD5: MD5: a7cd3751c9e9c55059be48e6d493a3b4



Desperately Seeking QCers…

I know I haven’t been posting here for several months now.  Well, a lot of stuff has happened.  It wasn’t just the subninjas this time.  I also had to contend with family tragedies, the holiday seasons, and health issues.  However, I’m back now and ready to return to subbing again.

Unfortunately, that’s not all.  I’m in need of more staff to assist with my projects… especially with quality checkers.  So if you want to assist in my current projects, send me a message at the “Want to help?!” link and maybe we can work something out.

Psycho Armor Govarian… licensed?! (and more!)



Technically, this is a Saizen Fansubs project, but since I’m volunteering as editor for this project, I’m posting about this here, too.

I thought I was floored when Mach GoGoGo was licensed by Funimation almost three years ago.  It has happened yet again!  Discotek Media has announced the licensing of Go Nagai’s Psycho Armor Govarian.  You know what this means, folks!  Fansubs of Govarian will have to come to end.  Go support the show once it’s finally out to the masses!

I want to thank everyone at Saizen Fansubs for allowing me the opportunity to volunteer my editing services to this series.  It’s a shame that the project will not continue to the final episode, but this works just as well, if not better.

This isn’t the only series Discotek Media has announced it has licensed, however…

They’ve also licensed the Space Warrior Baldios TV Series (They licensed the movie in the past) and Voltes V.  These three are series I didn’t think for a second would see the light of day as licensed.  Go support Govarian, Baldios and Voltes V once they’re released to the unwashed masses!